The Ultimate Cure for Obesity

The Ultimate Cure for Obesity

From Joe De Livera on 2004-12-25

I would like to share with all who are overweight.

A few months ago I discovered that Natrum Phosphoricum (Nat Phos) 6x which I had given a few friends who came to me complaining of acidity after meals, also had a most unusual reaction on their weight.

They discovered that they shed their weight by between 2 to 3 kg per month, on their normal daily regimen of eating and exercise.

They informed me that they passed more water than usual and that they felt much lighter in their bodies and were happy to be able to use their old garments which they had been compelled to discard over the years.

My discovery may be considered as unbelievable but it is indeed true as anyone who is overweight can discover for him or her self.

The use of Nat Phos 6x on a daily basis is quite safe as it constitutes a concentration of only 1/1Millionth of the salt.

It promotes Peristalysis in the stomach and gut thereby reducing the build up of acidity in the stomach which leads to heart burn.

It has been in use for many years as the ultimate remedy for acidity especially after a heavy meal but it has never been used, as far as I know, to reduce weight.

The dose is 3 tablets Nat Phos 6x taken twice daily, or 2 tablets taken thrice daily, preferably after meals.

It is possible that my discovery can be considered as an important milestone in the Materia Medica of Homeopathic Remedies for the treatment of Obesity and I would recommend that those who use this simple remedy will please post their observations on their weight loss on this Forum.

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka

This remedy from a very old man joe de livera