my sql database backup script

my sql database backup to ftp After upload this script to sever we need dos2unix to convert this file to unix format and run if not installed then install do2unix

unzip tar.zst backup file in directadmin

tar –use-compress-program=unzstd –extract –file=admin.root.admin.tar.zst tar –use-compress-program=unzstd –extract –file=user.RESELLER.USER.tar.zst backup/NAME_OFDB.sql Just replace RESELLER with the name of the admin in the filename, and USERNAME with the user figuring in the filename …

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The Ultimate Cure for Obesity

The Ultimate Cure for Obesity From Joe De Livera on 2004-12-25 I would like to share with all who are overweight. A few months ago I discovered that Natrum Phosphoricum …

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Sour rice Fermented

Sour rice Sour rice is popularly known as poita bhat in Assam, panta bhat in Bengal, and pokhalo in Odisha, and is generally consumed during lunch and breakfast [11], [15]. …

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